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Be It Alcohol, Drugs or Apps – Addiction and Its Connection to Mental Health


1.0 California MCLE participatory credit on Competence Issues

Emotional & Social Intelligence for Lawyer Competence and Well-being


0.5 California MCLE participatory credits on Competence Issues

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E. Carlstrom, Esq

“We always talk about attorney mental health but it’s usually with respect to substance abuse. I appreciated your focus on the underlying elements that may lead us to that.”

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B. Carter, Esq.

“The program was very well presented with a great deal of very interesting and useful information. It was very helpful and a new method of approaching a topic that is very necessary to our profession.”

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John R. Wierzbicki, Esq.

“Easily one of the best social and emotional intelligence training courses for professionals and lawyers available. BeiBei Song engagingly instructs on the science of emotional and social intelligence and provides tools to help change how we understand ourselves, and how we interact with others.”

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Your compliance reporting documents for recent live sessions:

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Video introduction for the course in the Shelter-In-Place Institute program by California Lawyers Association IP Law Section, 2020