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Leadership, Innovation, and Creativity Coach




Hello, I am BeiBei. I am an interdisciplinary educator, an ArtScience creative fusionist, and an ICF and NeuroLeadership certified coach applying brain-based methodology to the development of high-performing leaders.


I orchestrate revolutionary learning experiences through Essinova, a polymathic academy applying art-thinking, neuroscience, creative leadership, and Renaissance learning to human development and innovation.


I also teach regularly at Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education.


Inspiring the next frontier leaders and innovators, who dare to think differently.


Like my teaching, my speeches are not just talks but multi-sensory and participatory experiences. The audience are engaged not only intellectually but also creatively and sometimes physically.


Here are some sample topics:


Talk to me if you are a(n):


enlightenment-minded leader:wisdom, charisma, originality, poetry, grit, liberation from corporate cliché
creative catalyst:permission, legitimacy, fortitude, flourishing
artrepreneur / ideapreneur/ otherpreneur not supported by tech startup ecosystems:thought partnership, strategy, novel business models
nerds and geeks:muse, aesthetics, social grace, persuasion
polymath not conveniently fitting any box:pride in that misfit, possibility to profit from it
geniuses still on the side of lunacy:better chance of crossing that fine line
lost soul:rescue, direction, sense of purpose
broken heart:healing, love, wholeness
tortured art-on-the-sider:more options to configure vocation and avocation



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