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“I have always felt that the action most worth watching is not at the center of things but where edges meet.” - Anne Fadiman

I not only watch.

I dance across edges.


Official Bio

(in third person to sound less pompous)

BeiBei Song is an interdisciplinary educator, an ArtScience creative fusionist, and a certified Neuro-Leadership Coach applying brain-based methodology to the development of high-performing leaders.


She orchestrates revolutionary learning experiences through Essinova, a polymathic academy applying art-thinking, neuroscience, creative leadership, and Renaissance learning to human development and innovation.  She also teaches regularly at Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Education. 


With 20+ years of prior corporate and entrepreneurial experience in technology, healthcare, sustainability, financial services, media, and higher education, in the U.S., China, and Europe, BeiBei brings a wealth of real-world knowledge and wisdom to her teaching and coaching, combined with cutting edge research and thought-leadership in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural learning. She has given lectures and workshops at institutions such as The Wharton School, Silicon Valley Forum, International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, California Lawyers Association, as well as numerous corporate and entrepreneurial organizations. She is a co-author and lead editor of “Business, Open Innovation, and Art”, recently published by MDPI Books.

BeiBei Song has an M.B.A. degree from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Economics from University of International Business & Economics in Beijing.  She is an Argentine tango and contemporary dancer, among other artistic dabblings.

Person behind the Bio

My Life History

Hometown: Fushun, China

Birthplace of Manchuria. Cradle and grave of Qing, the last dynasty. 

Also the Coal Capital of New China, making me an environmentalist before I knew about environmentalism.

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Simple, modest, but happy childhood

My parents, both teachers, deeply valued education.

They did everything possible for my sister and I to go to the best schools.

19871007 Class 5 in Yuan Da Du.jpeg

Admission to University of International Business and Economics took me to Beijing!

Here, with classmates in my section of the International Business major that year.

19900801 CCPIT ID.png
1993 lawyer license_1_number.png
First job

Stumbled into law, as an associate to international arbitrators at China's International Chamber of Commerce.

Towards the end I passed the Bar Exam and was licensed to practice law in China, just as the practice was privatized. 

19931210 NYC_WTC.png
19950826 NYC clown.jpeg

A short term assignment to work with a law firm in New York as visiting attorney brought me to the Land of Opportunities! The law firm was in One World Trade Center.

I extended my stay to apply for graduate school in the country. One of my odd jobs to support myself while figuring out where I could get in and how to pay for tuition was performing as a clown for children's birthday parties. I also considered modeling. The first potential client was a tobacco company. Fortunately I didn't have to choose between much-needed income and saying "no" to a product I loathe, as my first choice school and a bright future beckoned in California!

1996 VFTT_2.png
19970615 Stanford graduation_with MB.png

I was admitted to and graduated from one of the finest institutions in the world, with an M.B.A. degree. It was beyond my parents' wildest imaginations.

During school I co-chaired View from the Top speaker series of world leading CEOs.

First corporate job in America, post M.B.A.

Here, with Citibank colleagues in the same entering class training together (which took me back to New York briefly)

show 4_edited.JPG
Wandering and inner discovery

Despite shiny names on my resume and trendy Silicon Valley jobs I held, I somehow lost motivation and direction.

Travels and random hobby classes for a year. Faint signals of an inner artist asserting herself.

L: top of Mount Tamalpais, where I did the painting symbolising the next 10 years of my life, to be guided by meaning and values rather than outward achievements.

R: performing tango at a bar. We got paid!

First independent consulting project

Research on BioClustering, commissioned by Eli Lilly Asia and Hong Kong University

The beginning of studying innovation. 

Beibei-SD Video Sharing_1330_edited.jpg
First media production client project

For an antibody company.

The beginning of combining the analytical with the creative in professional work.

300+ interviews

... with scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and executives,

communicating health and environmental innovation

10 years  before podcasting became popular

L: with Dr. Qing Li on traditional Chinese medicine from western science perspective

R: with Dr. Sylvia Earle on ocean conservation

A painful decade

sinking and eventually re-emerging from personal losses and failures

A+S website home page_201606_fake with L

The discovery of art-science-technology nexus, both serendipitous and inevitable.

T: an online gallery of science and technology art I curated for a few years

B: a neuro-art salon and pop-up gallery I organized, hosted at SAP Labs

Stanford, again, now teaching

Returning and giving back to the community, as a member of the teaching team

for LEAD and other executive education programs 

The beginning of teaching entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation

Act III_vision artwork composites.jpg
Online creative studio

Organized a group of instructors and ran two seasons of "artful" playshops during the COVID-19 pandemic to soothe, inspire, and energize people.

Successful experiments of arts-based and somatic training online, in a virtual creative environment.

20201123 author party_toast+1216+Claudia
Book celebration

"Business, Open Innovation and Art", a project of three years reflecting many more years of research and practice, was published.

Here, celebrating with my co-author, co-editor, and contributors of the book.

The journey of discovery and creation continues,
while helping others!


Thank you for looking at this snapshot of my journey so far.

I would be honored to be a part of yours.